Long Island Reads began in 2002 and is an Island-wide reading initiative intended to bring together readers from across Nassau and Suffolk Counties to discuss a book and participate in library-sponsored activities and events associated with it.  The committee endeavors to choose a title that has a direct Long Island connection and lends itself to related programming.  It should be available in as many formats as required to meet the needs of the libraries and their readers. Long Island Reads is sponsored by the Nassau Library System and the Public Libraries of Suffolk County.

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The Long Island Reads 2017-2018 Committee

Laura Accardi, Valerie Acklin, Azuree Agnello, Ellen Drucker-Albert, Samantha Alberts, Caroline Ashby, Donna Diamond, Martha DiVittorio, Beth Gates, Ellen Getreu, Lauren Gilbert, Ann Gilmartin, Candace Hope, Jocelyn Kaleita, Deborah Kinirons, Donna Mazovec, Karen McCahey, Cathi Nashack, Therese Nielsen, Marcia Olsen, Jackie Ranaldo, Janet Schneider, Carol Stern, Myrna Velez, Emilee Walsh, Karen Shaw-Widman



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